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  Welcome to Mike Cable's Anson Middle School Technology Home Page

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 Learning in the 21st Century requires new skills, new tools, and new knowledge. The mission of Anson Middle School is to increase the use of current and future technologies with the intent of enhancing both learning and teaching. All students can learn and will have access to technology and technology education. Anson Middle School will prepare all of our students for the technological demands of the twenty-first century, and no child will be left behind.

We will execute this vision, with the support of our parents and community, to:

Provide all students with equal and adequate access to comprehensive information resources.

Provide our campuses with a district technology-planning guide to assist them in developing their own technology plans.

Provide all educators and paraprofessional staff with the technology, tools and resources they need to provide students with superior knowledge and job skills.

Promote higher student achievement through the use of technology in education.

Integrate technology fully into a student-centered learning environment.

Continue to support the development and implementation of a cost-effective, high-speed communications network with connectivity both locally and globally via the Internet.

Develop alliances with community leaders, agencies, businesses and the public to help our district become a leader in education.


Technology is No Place for Wimps


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